Here are some useful (and funny!) quilting abbreviations!

Have you ever seen an acronym used on a quilting page or blog? They can be really useful and sometimes just entertaining! As quilters, we have our own slang – read below for a few you may know already, and a few which will make you chuckle. 🙂

My favourite is probably STABLE – Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy!

I wouldn’t know anything about that though, would you?

Another great one is FART (yes, FART!) which stands for Fabric Acquisition Road Trip! 🙂😉

lady never discusses size of fabric stash

Here are some more useful ones, and then extra silly ones further down the article too. 🙂


BOM: Block of the Month

BSK: Basic Sewing Kit

DSM: Domestic Sewing Machine

EPP: English Paper Piecing


FMQ: Free Motion Quilting

FPP: Foundation Paper Piecing

4P: Four Patch

9P: Nine Patch


FQ: Fat Quarter

LC: Layer Cake

JR: Jelly Roll

F8: Fat Eighth

HB: Honey Bun

CP: Charm Pack (or Charm Squares)

B2B: Border to Border

ITH: In the Hoop

CQ: Crazy Quilt

FG: Flying Geese

FW: Featherweight

FS: Forgotten Stash

HST: Half-Square Triangle

Long Arm Quilting

LQS: Local Quilt Shop

PhD: Projects Half Done

QAL: Quilt Along

QAYG: Quilt As You Go

QST: Quarter-Square Triangle

RR: Round Robin

RST: Right Sides Together

PFD: Prepared for Dyeing

SA: Seam Allowance

SID: Stitch in Ditch

SPI: Stitches Per Inch

SNW: Stack N’ Whack

SOG: Straight of Grain

OBW: One Block Wonder

TOT: Tone on Tone

OOP: Out of Print

TBQ: To Be Quilted

UFO: Unfinished Object

QOV: Quilt of Valor

WIP: Work in Progress

WOF: Width of Fabric

WST: Wrong Sides Together

sewing math funny meme

Now for some of the funnier, and less technical ones. 🙂

Bad Day, Not Quilting

FART: Fabric Accumulation Road Trip

FOB: Fear of Binding

HIPS: Hundreds of Ideas Piling Skyward

PIGS: Projects in Grocery Sacks

HSY: Haven’t Started Yet

PIGS: Projects in Grocery Sacks

SQUID: Sewing a Quilt Until I Die

DQ: Dragon Quilt (Dragged many places, hasn’t been finished yet!)

STABLE: Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy

TGIF: Thank God It’s Finished

WOMBAT: Waste of Money, Batting, and Time

FROG STITCHING: Ripping Out Seams (Rip It, Rip It, Rip It!)

 WIWMI: Wish It Would Make Itself

QIMM: Quilts In My Mind

safety pins the duct tape of sewing meme funny

BONUS: Funny Quilting & Sewing Memes!

Here are some of our favourite quilting and sewing memes that make us chuckle. If you want a laugh, check them out below. 🙂 

basting quilt funny meme
is it a bear or dog on quilt optical illusion funny
if quilters designed bobbins funny meme
jaws seam ripper funny meme
wanted poster sewing
dory quilting projects


The Rules of Quilting

1. Don’t bleed on the quilt.
2. Measure Twice, Cut Once.
3. It’s not a mistake. It’s a creative opportunity.
4. There are NO quilt police.
5. Rules? There are rules?

You Know You’re a Quilter When…

1. Your ironing board is always set up, but you NEVER iron clothes.
2. When the only scraps under your dining room table are fabric.
3. People know to avoid you when they see you with a seam ripper.
4. You don’t need to get organized, you just need a bigger sewing room.
5. Sewing fills your day! And your living room, bedroom, dining room, closets…
6. You quilt, eat and sleep. In that order.
7. You wish your supermarket had a fabric department.
8. Fabric purchasing and quilting are two different hobbies.
9. If someone walks a mile in your shoes, they’ll probably end up at a fabric store.
10. You know a fat quarter isn’t a body part.
11. You realize that DONE is better than PERFECT.
12.  You have a retirement plan. It’s called… more quilting!
13.  You like to party. If by party, you mean stay home and quilt.

Have you used any of these? Have any more that you’d love to share? Let us know! Happy stitching 🙂



Michelle Brassens

Hi, I’m Michelle! I’ve never met a craft I didn’t like. Sewing however was where I really found my groove! So I left behind life as a pastry chef and concentrated on making things with fabric instead of food. I work at Dinkydoo Fabrics now and get to write about sewing and quilting for work. Stick with me and I’ll show you all kinds of tips and tricks, from beginner to expert maker level. Can’t wait!