How do you clean your iron?

Have you looked at the sole of your iron lately? I bet it needs some attention! Mine sure did! So I cleaned it up and wanted to pass on some tips so you can get yours looking good and working better. 

how to clean your iron

Dust. How the heck does an iron get dusty when I use it most days? No idea! Give it a wipe with a damp cloth to clean those fibres away. 

Have a look at the sole plate. Are there brown or black marks, or discoloration? 

Here’s how to clean it inside and out. 

brown marks and discoloration on iron


Steps for cleaning your iron:

1. Fill your iron with water and get it hot. 

Fill your iron with water, put it on for 5 minutes. Watch for auto shut off and reset as needed, you want it HOT. Unplug and hold over the sink. Push the steam button repeatedly and rapidly until no more water comes out. If the water isn’t clear, repeat until it is. 

This method is from Jean, our kit cutter extraordinaire at Dinkydoo Fabrics. She really knows her stuff.

2. Wipe it down with water and vinegar.

Fold a towel till you have at least 1-2” thickness and it’s bigger in size than your sil plate. Wet with water and some vinegar. Place this on your ironing board, and rub your hot iron over it until the sole plate is clean. 

3. Clean out the steam holes.

Bonus tip: use a cotton swab to clean out the steam holes. Dip them into white vinegar for extra help if needed. 

clean your iron steam holes with cotton swabs

As always, be careful when working with small appliances and heat. 

I hope this tip has helped you, and now you can enjoy your nicely refreshed iron. 🙂



Michelle Brassens

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