Should you wash  your new quilt?

Here are the Top 5 reasons you should wash your newly created quilt!

There is nothing like giving the gift of a handmade quilt. Whether it’s for a baby or an old friend, it’s like a warm hug for someone you love. 

should you wash your quilt
I always wash my quilts before gifting, even though I do love the look of a fresh crisp finish! If you look at most quilt photos online they are taken pre-wash. Laundry is a chore though. So why add more chores to your list if you can help it?


washing your quilt
Here are my top 5 list of reasons to give it a spin and tumble before gifting. 

1. It helps you check for any colour bleeding

Fabric technology is amazing these days and I hardly ever get a run. However, I have a deep distrust of red due to ‘The red incident of 2018’. It came out after a lot of extra washes and I wouldn’t want anyone else to have to deal with that. 

2. It will get rid of any fabric sizing, spray baste, glue baste and other chemicals on the fabric

It will get the yucky stuff off your quilt. I don’t want my friends to be wrapped in that!

3. You can check for any popped seams or missed stitches

Make sure to check for popped seams and missed stitches and make any repairs needed before sending it along.


OH, the Crinkle – yes I love it. It’s cozy and appealing texturally.

    washing your quilt to get the crinkle texture

    5. It’s ready to use and your friend won’t be scared to wash it.

    I’ve heard of quilts ending up in cupboards for years because the recipient is too scared to use them. This takes the hard part away for them, and they can just enjoy it!

    Do you wash before gifting? Did this tip help you out? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. 🙂

    Happy stitching! 



    Michelle Brassens

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