How to store your quilts

Quilts tend to multiply around us quilters and sometimes we make things without a recipient in mind. Or maybe we like to have seasonal quilts and rotate them throughout the year! I love a good holiday themed quilt. 

how to store your quilts

What’s the best way to keep them in good condition while tucked away for a few months though? Turns out there are definitely some dos and don’ts that will help. 

DO use acid-free tissue paper crumpled in the folds

This technique is used to prevent those deep creases that are never good.

DO store them in a pillowcase or cotton bag

Storing them this way allows them to breathe. Give it a try!

DO roll them around a batting tube or pool noodle if space allows.

This stops creases in the first place and less ironing is always a win for me!

pool noodles for storing your quilts

DON’T store your quilts in plastic or garbage bags

You may think that this is the best way to protect them, but in fact it can lock in any moisture and allow mold to flourish. Fabric needs to breathe and plastics will off-gas which can discolor fabric too! Turns out plastic can attract bugs as well, yuck. 

DON’T use colored paper or newsprint around your quilts

Dye and ink can transfer easily and leave behind a mess that’s hard to remove.

DON’T store in direct sunlight

It will fade the colours over time. Remember that grandma hanging the wash in the sun wasn’t just to dry it faster. The sun is also powerful on stains. 

how to store your quilts don't hang to dry in the sun

If you’ve had some put away for a while,  go have a look, refold to avoid deep creases, and follow the tips above. 

Happy Stitching!



Michelle Brassens

Hi, I’m Michelle! I’ve never met a craft I didn’t like. Sewing however was where I really found my groove! So I left behind life as a pastry chef and concentrated on making things with fabric instead of food. I work at Dinkydoo Fabrics now and get to write about sewing and quilting for work. Stick with me and I’ll show you all kinds of tips and tricks, from beginner to expert maker level. Can’t wait!