What is SF101 Interfacing?

SF101 is a lovely all-purpose interfacing, that provides crisp support without being crispy or wrinkling very easily.
I use it most for the lining of bags and pockets to give extra body, and it’s great to use as a backing for needlework and punch embroidery, lending permanent stability.

It’s Great For:

  • Lining of bags and pockets (for extra body)
  • Backing for needlework and punch embroidery
  • Stand alone interfacing for simple zipper pouches (keeps them from warping)
  • Is great to use with woven fabrics.

 SF101 is another type of interfacing that earns a top place in my sewing stash, and I love it so much that I buy it by the bolt. SF stands for shape-flex, and you’ll often see it being referred to both ways. 

bag made with sf101 interfacing

The Redwood tote above uses SF101 as the main interfacing, giving extra oomph to canvas!

SF101 comes in white and black, and you can decide which to use depending on the colour of fabrics you are using. Personally I’ve always just used white with no issues. 

It’s fusible on one side only, and is a woven interfacing. Woven means that it’s like a thin fabric and it’s made of 100% cotton. 

It comes on the bolt 20” wide. I do wish they made 40” wide! The glue dots are rough so it’s easy to tell which side is fusible. They melt really nicely to your fabric. 

In the picture below, you can really see the fine woven texture and glue dots.

SF101 fine woven texture with glue dots

Interior pockets benefit greatly from using SF101. It keeps them from getting warped over time, which is a huge plus. And yes, I’m obsessed with pattern matching!

interfacing for pockets provide stability on zipper pouches

It’s also nice as a stand alone interfacing for simple zipper pouches, as you can see below. SF101 is used to interface these little pouches, and it’s excellent for use with woven fabrics!

zipper pouches with sf101 interfacing

Are you a fan of this interfacing like I am? Or hoping to give it a try? We hope this has been helpful for you!

Happy stitching! 🙂



Michelle Brassens

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