How do you choose the best batting for gifted quilts?

I don’t know about you but I’m starting to run out of space to store all the quilts I make. I’ve got 4 draped over furniture in my living room alone, and each bedroom already has 2 a piece! Something has to give and quilts regularly leave me to live with friends.

However long term care of a quilt can be a bit intimidating, so here are some things to think about when choosing batting for gifted quilts. 

best batting gifted quilts

Is the recipient a quilter?
This is going to open up your choices because you can give them laundry instructions that that will understand and remember. If not, close something that doesn’t need special treatment and can be tossed in a regular wash cycle and then go into a dryer. 

Do they have a washer & dryer at home?
100% cotton batting takes the longest to air dry, so make sure then can tumble dry isle you use that type. 

How will it be used?
If it’s for children pick something more durable like Hobbs 80/20 Batting or Hobbs Polyester Batting. These are also very washable so if a baby spits up on them they can be washed more often. 

hobbs batting sale canada
choose best batting gifted quilts

When will it be used?

Natural fibres like cotton are good for year round use. If you’re gifting a Christmas themed quilt, you could use polyester batting since it warmer and better for that specific season. 

The easiest to take care of would be an 80/20 batting or 100% polyester batting, using a regular cold wash with a low fluff dryer. 

Always add a label with the batting content on it when gifting, and include not to dry clean it. The dry cleaning process can felt the batting inside and ruin all your hard work.

do not dry clean quilts

I hope this helped you determine the best batting for your next gifted quilt. Nothing brings people more joy than getting a gift hand crafted lovingly (that can also keep them warm at night!)

Happy stitching and gifting! 🙂



Michelle Brassens

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