What is Fusible Fleece?

Fusible fleece (such as Pellon 987F) is interfacing I’m always sure to have on hand. It’s super useful for projects big and small. 

Pellon 987F is a single sided fusible interfacing that gives great body to your project with a low loft. It seems similar to batting, so you might wonder why not just use that?

Fusible fleece is made from 100% polyester, so it’s going to have no shrink when washing your projects.

This is helpful when sewing things like placemats, so that you don’t get that crinkle after washing them.

Benefits of Fusible Fleece

1. No crinkle after washing!
2. It’s more sturdy. It adds better body so your projects stand up. It’s not crisp at all, and very soft.
3. Low loft makes it easier to sew with, and takes up less space in your seams.

what is fusible fleece what can you make with it

(Fusible fleece interfaces the outside of this Cresent tote- pattern by Noodlehead)

It’s fusible on one side, and as usual you can feel the bumpiness of the side with glue. The non glue side is very soft.

fusible fleece both sides bumpy on side with glue


Tips for working with fusible fleece

With fusible fleece, you want to use the wool setting on your iron when fusing to fabric. Lay the fleece fusible side up, place fabric on top wrong side down. This way the heat will get to the glue better than if you ironed from the fleece side towards the fabric.

A light mist of water will help too. Be sure to press and hold, not iron back and forth. Start in the middle, and work your way out.

If you are wanting extra body, you can use two layers. In this case, cut the fleece smaller than the seam allowance because 2 layers will be harder to press flat in your seams when finishing a bag.

What can you make with fusible fleece?

It’s great for all kinds of home decor and travel projects. Check out this super simple reversible placemat tutorial! Who needs store bought placemats when we have such gorgeous fabrics to show off? Bye bye generic table toppers!

placemat made with fusible fleece
zipper pouch bag made with fusible fleece
(Fusible fleece helps this cute pouch stand up on its own)

Pro Tip! I also save all of my scraps of fusible fleece. 1” squares are great for use when putting a magnetic snap on a bag. Just place the scrap on the wrong side of where you want to install, and fuse. It will strengthen that spot really nicely, so when you snip for the prongs to go through, you’ll have more for them to hold on to. 

 What do you think? Is this a worthy add to your stash?

Happy stitching!



Michelle Brassens

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